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First Human Clinical Study!

Caliper delivers CBD into the bloodstream significantly faster—up to 424x faster than isolate and up to 64x faster than tinctures.

Research Approach

A peer-reviewed, published, controlled human clinical study should be the standard for proving a nutritional ingredient’s efficacy; it communicates credibility and proven benefits to consumers. Throughout the functional food and supplement industry landscape, products utilizing scientifically backed ingredients have premium positioning and pricing—and CBD is no exception.

Indeed, given the “Wild West” atmosphere of CBD today, standing out from the pack with substantiation is more important than ever. Because we understand the value to our brand owners, Caliper has an ongoing clinical research program and has published the first and only human-clinical data on cannabinoid pharmacokinetics. Partner with us, as we continue to deliver on our commitment to meaningful clinical evidence and consumer research.

Science: Why it Matters to your brand

Substantiate, Substantiate, Substantiate.

As more and more companies innovate with cannabinoids, clinical evidence is already playing a role in how consumers differentiate between brands, and how brands can identify great ingredient partners. Caliper is well ahead of other cannabinoid ingredient companies in partnering with reputable universities to conduct clinical studies. What’s more, Caliper is committed to continuing to learn how brands can better differentiate themselves through meaningful clinical evidence and consumer market research.

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