Caliper is a functional foods company with proven expertise in the processing, manufacture and commercialization of cannabinoid-infused food, beverage and supplement products. Built on the idea that cannabinoids represent a new category of functional ingredients, Caliper Ingredients manufactures standardized, shelf-stable formulations of water-soluble hemp-based cannabinoid ingredients for food, beverage, supplement and cosmetic manufacturers. Caliper’s ingredients are powered by proprietary emulsification technology that yields uniform cannabinoid dispersion and verifiable physical, potency, and flavor stability, delivering end-product consistency and verified shelf life. All come with tight specifications and full documentation that enables you to be regulation-ready when federal oversight hits the books.
Caliper manufacturers high-quality, clean-label, cannabinoid emulsions for manufacturers of food, beverage, and supplement products. Our team is made up of CPG industry veterans; we know what it takes to develop and launch successful products. Whether you’re ready to launch now or are waiting for more regulatory clarity, our quality documentation support and product development assistance is second to none. In conjunction with Colorado State University, we conducted the only independent clinical trial for commercially available water-soluble CBD ingredients in human subjects.. This study found significantly better absorption of our ingredients when compared to oil-based CBD.
 We believe that consumers deserve to know what compounds they’re putting into their bodies, so we fully disclose our ingredients list without hiding anything as “process aids.”
 Our ingredients are kosher, preservative-free, made with non-GMO ingredients, and are free of the top 9 allergens.
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