Working with CBD in A Regulated Marketplace

By Caliper Team

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Considering CBD for your products? Don’t miss this complimentary webinar with Justin Singer, CEO and Co-Founder of Caliper Foods. You’ll get the tools you need to tell fact from fiction when vetting suppliers, because “innovation” is no excuse for ignoring food safety, quality control, and claims substantiation.

In today’s evolving cannabinoid environment, having great products isn’t nearly enough. You need partners who are just as committed to growing your brand as you are, partners with the credibility and experience to move your cannabinoid innovation forward without risking your brand’s hard-won equity.

Caliper ingredients are designed for rapid go-to-market and scalable manufacturing, across food, beverage, supplements, and topical care applications, and come with FDA-ready documentation and claims substantiation.

At Caliper, we are invested in doing things the right way: with the right people, the right processes, and the right products. Right from the start.

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