The Caliper Crystal Ball: Our Founder’s Predictions for 2022

By Caliper Team

December 2, 2021
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Our co-founders Jeremy Goldstein, Missy Bradley and Justin Singer have a long history with cannabinoid ingredients. In 2014 they founded the company that later became Caliper Foods, our parent company, and in the meantime the cannabis marketplace–and especially the CBD industry–has exploded. It’s safe to say they’ve seen a few things, so when we asked about their predictions for the year ahead in cannabinoid ingredients, they didn’t hold back. Here’s what they told us.

CC. What kinds of CPG companies will get on the cannabis train next, and what kind of products do you envision them making? 

JG:  Cannabinoids are the most exciting set of functional bioactives in a generation. Any CPG company that has products focused on the wellness category will want to participate. As far as what type of products you’ll be seeing? Everything from RTD beverages to toothpaste. Ultimately, the greatest amount of hemp-derived cannabinoids will flow through the supplement aisles.

CC: What food or beverage would you most love to see incorporate cannabinoid ingredients in 2022, and why?

MB:  This is by no means novel, as we launched our sister company with this idea, but CBD tea. It’s the perfect blend of relaxing things, and everyone needs to RELAX.

CC: From what pool do you think the next big consumer base for CBD will come (Millennials, GenZs, Boomers, etc.) and what will be their preferred way to take their CBD? 

MB: I think these aging generations are truly searching for something that works. And the problem is that most commercially available CBD doesn’t work. With proper regulation and better consumer education, we can reintroduce all generations to the benefits of CBD. As for form factor, Caliper CBD—our flavorless dissolvable powder—will be the front runner for ease of use and the ability to fit into any lifestyle.

CC: What flavor CBD seltzer do you predict (or wish) will become the next big thing in 2022? 

MB: Millennial Pink. Tastes like Bath & Body Works with a hint of Strawberry Shortcake.

CC: What will be the next super-high-tech feature cannabinoid manufacturers will brag about in their products?  And how many will actually have real data to back it up?

JG: Time release. Given the most commonly cited use cases for CBD (pain management, anxiety/stress reduction, sleep support) the desire for extended effect durations make sense.  

Will companies have data to support their claims? Unfortunately, not many will bother in the current regulatory environment. With the FDA’s record of treating egregious CBD marketing with wrist slaps, I don’t think manufacturers have much to fear. 

CC. What’s going to be the next thing that gets nano-ized? 

JG:  Haven’t you heard? “Nano” is Nonsense

CC: Pets are currently one of the fastest-growing audiences for CBD products. Do you see celebrity spokes-pets on the horizon, and if so, who goes first?

MB: I volunteer my pup, Princess Beadie Wigglebottom, to be the pup-face of CBD. But honestly, any dog that was ever featured on We Rate Dogs has my vote. More good bois and girls, always.

CC: Which cannabinoid ingredient will be touted as “the next CBD,” and actually live up to the promise? Why? 

JG: The “minor” cannabinoids everyone is talking about right now include CBG, CBN, THCV, and Delta-8 THC (for all the wrong reasons). But with over 100 distinct cannabinoids identified to date, and very little research done on them outside of THC and CBD, we have years of “the next big thing” in front of us. There will be fads, but there will also be cannabinoids that show meaningful efficacy—and that’s what makes it all so exciting.

CC: What’s ahead in 2022 for cannabis regulation?

JS:  I predict five states are going to legalize marijuana, which will open doors for CBD and other cannabinoids. 

CC: Which states?

JS: My crystal ball is murky on that question…pass.

CC: Who will be the next celebrit(ies) to announce a line of CBD products in 2022? 

MB: I can only hope that it’s Britney. Britney, if you need an ingredients partner, we gotchu.

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